When your home calls for an interior revamp, there are several ways to go about it. Some people go all-out and perform a major reconstruction, while the rest just rearrange the furniture or repurpose some rooms. Not many know it, but another effortless way to spruce up your spaces is with artistic items. If you find contemporary offerings boring, why not check out what Skull Bliss brings to the table?

Most of the time, people go for items that are in line with their interests. Surely there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you prefer something unique that will add a distinct motif in any areas where it stands or hangs, Skull Bliss’ catalog has a wide range of choices available. So, what exactly do they sell, you ask? Animal skulls!

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A One-Of-A-Kind Showpiece

What Skull Bliss markets might not be for everyone, but this is far different from what you have in mind. Most cultures frown upon the use of these materials as decorations, but the Balinese people disagree. You see, they believe that every part of an animal must be used.

After slaughter, they cook the meat for food, process the skin for leather, and turn the bones into tools. This just leaves the skull. So instead of just throwing it away, they’re turning these into beautiful pieces of art. History tells us that our ancestors have used animal (even human) bones for various purposes and even in sacred rituals.

Skulls, in particular, were usually turned into trophies or decorations. Skull Bliss, on the other hand, assures us all their products are made from authentic and ethically sourced materials. If you think these are awesome, they will gladly hook you up.

Shopping For Decorative Bonecraft

Catering to everybody’s specific tastes is always a challenge. However, Skull Bliss offers a huge selection for us to choose from. They’ve arranged them by categories such as Longhorn, Cow, Buffalo, and Ram. To help narrow it down further, you can filter them by color, type of design, and embellishments. They even have skulls sans any carvings but are still just as beautiful as those that do.

For a more luxe appeal, there’s the premium series and skulls with authentic gemstones. The sheer number of options is overwhelming, and we mean that in a good way. Don’t hesitate to go through their inventory to find which one will enhance your dwelling’s appeal. Given these are all-natural, no two items will ever be the same. In short, each Skull Bliss product is practically a one-off.

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Promoting Balinese Artistry

Behind each Skull Bliss product you purchase is a skilled Balinese artisan who painstakingly hand-carved everything. This meticulous process often takes them 2-3 days to complete. With years of experience, they create these elaborate masterpieces for us to appreciate and hopefully show off.

Most of all, it allows local craftsmen to promote this remarkable art form and support their livelihood. The company assures buyers there are no middlemen in the equation. Thus, each purchase helps them preserve their cultural heritage and pass it on to succeeding generations.

Our Take On Skull Bliss

Depending on your personal preference when it comes to décor, Skull Bliss will likely have it. As long as there are no issues displaying what was once part of a living animal in your home or office, the skulls are definitely a visual treat. To make it even more convenient, the establishment also sells mounting systems and display stands.

These will easily become objects of admiration and heated discussions in some cases, so just be ready with the facts. Remember, instead of throwing these away, Skull Bliss, along with people behind the sophisticated craftsmanship are repurposing them into striking canvases of traditional craftsmanship.

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Images courtesy of Skull Bliss