The Stavanger Tourism Association of Norway provides a plethora of environmentally friendly wilderness activities for their 23,000 members. To improve the experience of hikers on the trail around Lysefjord up to the Soddatjørn Mountain Lake, they commissioned architectural firm KOKO Architects to create a system of self-catering mountain lodges.

Their design incorporated the stipulations that the lodges has to be easy to maintain in the rather inaccessible terrain and rough weather conditions of the area. While the exterior finishes are rolled zinc which can survive decades without repair work, the interiors rely heavily on wood and each unit has a large glass wall to highlight the fantastic scenery of the area.

The kitchen area contains two gas stoves but the rest of the buildings are furnished with wood heat, and electricity comes from solar panels. The toilet area makes use of a mountain stream to supply the sauna. The main building can accommodate up to 35 campers, while the smaller sleeping lodges hold five each, the latter being arranged so as to encourage different parties to interact. The Skåpet Mountain Lodges in Soddatjørn are a destination well worth seeking out. [via]