It isn’t the first time these time keepers have gotten into the creative motorcycle scene. Here, they have maintained their theme of a son defying their father’s control – his time control to be exact. Hence, the clever name.

So, what did they do exactly? Well, they stripped the BMW of its shell and rebuilt. They added aluminum but not just any type of aluminum, the consigned billet variety. As well as an atop resting the extraordinary bodywork crafted by the brothers themselves. They replaced the airbox with DNA filters, installed an Assassin’s Creed-type fairing and a tail that will have you questioning if it has a sting.

If you’re a stylish guy who likes to ride as classy as you dress, you can also match your Moksha (the fuel cap to be exact) with a Moksha watch made by TW Steel. We will pipe down now so you can do some admiring!

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