When enthusiasts desire only the best results from a restomod project, it’s either they take matters into their own hands or hit up a renowned shop to produce perfection. For classic Porsches, a go-to establishment would be Singer Vehicle Design. To help convince you of their awesomeness, here’s a custom 911 setup they call the Turbo Study.

As you all know, models of the sports car before 2015 all came with naturally-aspirated power plants. Therefore, the Turbo Study option caters to old-school 911 owners who just want to give their rides a refresh. Singer Vehicle Design starts off with 964-generation machines and works its magic.

Up first, we have the powertrain. Inside the rear engine bay now sits a 3.8-liter twin-turbo and intercooled unit mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Motoring purists will love how the Turbo Study rekindles the driving experience. Depending on what the client requires, AWD and RWD configurations are available

The company says clients can expect to get 450 horsepower, but the addition of other tuning options can push the numbers higher. What we have next is the sleek shell of the 911. To deliver optimal weight reduction without impact on its stiffness, Singer Vehicle Design bestows the Turbo Study with carbon fiber body panels.

It then gets a coat of Wolf Blue with sections left naked to contrast the colorway. It’s cool how the black line on the side creates an outline of a shark fin just in front of the rear wheels. Singer Vehicle Design notes that these are intakes. Finally, the cabin touts Malibu Sand leather upholstery with Black Forest wood trim on the dash. The Turbo Study is a stunning beauty to behold.

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Images courtesy Singer Vehicle Design