Axes don’t always have to come big. They can also come in a pocket-sized design and still works as great as their larger counterpart. Take the Silver Fox Pocket Axe for instance. It packs a punch despite its compact size. It is small enough to fit in your pocket but can do a lot of damage when needed.

This comes razor sharp so it has its own hand-stitched leather sheet with a brass snap for protection. This way you don’t accidentally slice yourself when it’s not in use. Contrary to its name, which we often associate with a tool used to chop wood, this one does more than chop. It can also cut, carve, slice, and even works great for bushcraft. It even doubles as a razor blade for beard trimming if you’re careful enough.

The Silver Fox Pocket Axe features a finger hold behind the blade for a close and controlled cut.  It is thicker than a normal blade at 5mm thick and this thickness helps with splitting small branches using the batoning method. 

This camping gear or everyday carry tool is quite small at just 4.5″ long and 2.1″ wide. It is also built to last for many uses thanks to its robust construction. 

The Silver Fox Pocket Axe is handmade by UK outfitters from BS 4659 high-carbon steel, which is a high-quality non-distorting cold work tool steel. It is known for its great edge retention and impact strength making it ideal steel for cutting or heavy-forming operations. It can take a beating and still retain its sharpness. 

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Images courtesy of Silver Fox Tools