Cold water immersion has become a wellness trend after studies found it has health benefits not just physically but also mentally. Just among its effects is tolerance to stress and respiratory infections and improvements in the cardiovascular system. But it’s not as easy as it sounds to get that tub of cold water ready and traditionally, would need bags and bags of ice. Mark Palchak, a cold water devotee, saw the need to simplify the process and designed Silient, a ready-to-use home cold water chiller.

This patent-pending device turns turns daily showers or baths into an ice-cold therapy with a touch of a button. It hooks to your home’s water line so cold water immersion is as easy as turning the tap. It uses a companion app where you can set your desired temperature and wait for cold water to fill your tub of your shower. 

The Silient water chiller comes in two models: Model L and Model LM. The former lets you experience 40°F – 70°F ice-cold water showers for up to 12 minutes. For a price of $8,950 you get a cold optimized insulated 45-gallon water tank, the Silient water chiller system, and its smartphone control app for system operation and cold therapy session tracking. This package also offers white glove delivery and installation so you don’t have to do the installation yourself. 

Meanwhile, the Model LM offers ice-cold immersion baths and extended cold showers. It offers the same package as Model L but the difference is it comes with an 80-gallon water tank and costs $10,550. With normal use, Silient contributes 50 to 60 cents per day to energy bills. It requires no filter or water changes, no chemical treatments, and no UV lighting. 

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Images courtesy of Silient