The U.S. state of New York is not all skyscrapers and concrete city.  There is a vast wilderness in the southeastern part of the state, the Catskills Mountains area, and there you’ll find the Shokan House ($NA) – a “lucid and laconic” place that invites you to just stare at the nature, in a state of awe.

Located at the edge of the Ashokan reservoir, in the eastern end of the Catskill Park, the 6,000 square foot dwelling is surrounded by oak, fir, spruce, and an occasional birch; it’s a dreamy setting where hawks, wild turkey, fox, deer and black bears show up regularly.  Made of concrete and steel, the building features large glass walls, ceramic floors and painted steel & walnut interior furniture.  The first floor encloses a garage, bedroom and a huge vestibule with fireplace, while on the second level you’ll find the dining room, kitchen, 2 more bedrooms and a library.  A stone terrace and herb garden complete the house, which is left unadorned, ensuring its occupants can fully enjoy the stunning views across treetops to the reservoir, the distant mountains and the surrounding forest.

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