Osaka based Shinsuke Fujii Architects has completed House H in Yokohama for a client who prioritizes both family bonding and individual spaces. The house blends into the quiet streetscape with its white facade but stands out in its neighborhood with its unique minimalist design. 

It has an overlapping triple-layered roof that mimics the sky’s daily expressions while light coming from the south and strategically placed glazing offers a warm and inviting ambiance to the interior. They also make the home airy and appear spacious. Inside, wood finishes add to the cozy feel of the home and sliding doors transform the interior into a single unified space ideal for family communication.

Then there’s the changing heights of the ceiling that creates an interplay of light and shadows, adding another layer of visual appeal and depth to the interior. According to the architects, it “deepens family ties, offering a home that grows and weaves memories together, embodying freedom and flexibility.” Despite its emphasis on open living, House H also caters to individual privacy. 

There are private spaces integrated throughout the house’s layout. This way, allowing each family members to have their own haven while still being connected to the communal spaces. Shinsuke Fujii Architects designed House H to evolve with its inhabitants by making the interior layout flexible, to adapt to their needs.

The open layout of House H allows the family to bond and create lasting memories inside the comfort of their home while individual spaces foster personal time alone when needed. This way, addressing not only the needs of the family as a whole but each family member as well. 

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Images courtesy of Tsukui Teruaki/Shinsuke Fujii Architects