When Tom Kartsotis, owner of Dallas-based Bedrock Manufacturing Co. bought the name of the defunct shoe shine maker Shinola in 2011 he had in mind a company that would put pride back into “Made in USA.” Although they started with a stylish contemporary watch, the brand keeps diversifying, dedicated to becoming a premiere lifestyle brand. Now the line includes bicycles, handbags, knives, footballs, and more: all almost exclusively made with American (read USA) manufactured components. Their newest entry into this line is the Shinola Runwell Turntable ($2,500).

They went to Harry Weisfeld, founder of VPI Industries, to help develop the Runwell. They turned to MDI of New Jersey for components of the tonearm and platter. Also from New Jersey, American Board provided the internal electronic parts. The cartridge and slipmat are also custom made in the USA. Even the oak base the turntable is housed in was made in Detroit where Shinola assembled the complete unit.

With so many products coming in from China and other overseas locations, it is Shinola’s desire that this new American classic will lead the way in revitalizing the country’s industry and the joy of music for years to come.