Dubbed the “world’s best beach shade,” the Shibumi Shade is a game changer for beach trips. It’s not bulky, is lightweight even a three-year-old can carry it, and it sets up and packs up easily. Best of all, it works with the wind and not against it so it doesn’t break or get blown in high winds, unlike a beach umbrella. 

For starters, setting up is a breeze. It assembles in less than three minutes with just one set of hands. First, you connect the aluminum poles and thread them through the canopy and then plant the poles in six inches of sand to create an arch. Then you fill the sandbag which acts as ground support and then secure the canopy in place with the wrap and snap straps. 

The Shibumi Shade is “wind-powered” as it requires at least 3mph wind to keep it aloft. It weighs just 4 lbs. and provides 150 sq. ft. of shade. It can host up to six people sitting comfortably side by side. It still has room left for bags, coolers, beach gear, and more. The mini version can accommodate two people and is great for air travel as it easily fits in a carry-on. 

Another best part of this beach gear is that it keeps you safe from the sun’s wrath with its UPF 50+ protection. Designed and sewn in America, the canopy is made from 40% ocean-bound recycled plastic bottles in signature blue and teal colors only, which complement the colors of the ocean.   

Shibumi Shade is a concept that means “effortless perfection.” It not only keeps you comfortable under the sun but also offers ease in setting and packing with its dedicated storage bag for portability.   

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Images courtesy of Shibumi Shade