Tequila might be the next big thing in the ever-changing liquor landscape. It seems that the palate of people who used to enjoy the spirit in cocktails has already evolved to appreciate its pure form. Shots are an exception since there are citrus and salt in the mix. In fact, its popularity has prompted the launch of Selva Negra.

If you really want to nitpick the details, this product cannot legally call itself tequila or mezcal. Although it is a 100% agave-based spirit, regulations regarding geographical origin do not allow the distillery to market it as such. Furthermore, reports point out that the type of plant it uses is salmiana instead of the Blue Weber variety.

Faude feine Brände is in Germany. Selva Negra imports its ingredients from Mexico, but the rest of the process takes place in the Black Forest. As much as we find its origin story intriguing, the company needs to abide by the rules. Look up cognac and bourbon and you’ll understand more about this stipulation.

Even if it follows the traditional methods from start to finish, regulators will never allow Selva Negra to feature the words “tequila” or “mezcal” on the label. Nonetheless, the fact that drinkers are aware of what’s in the bottles should be more than enough to hype it up among purveyors of agave-based alcohol.

Selva Negra boasts a smoky twist from German spruce wood. According to its press release, there is no word of international availability as of this writing. However, those in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany get to sample this interesting spirit. Each bottle holds 500 ml at 46% ABV.

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Images courtesy of Faude feine Brände