Picture this. It’s the weekend and you wake up with plans to just spend the day relaxing. You have movies in mind, online games to play with friends, or maybe fire up the grill for some barbecue. Unfortunately, you suddenly remember that lawn needs to be mowed. Bummer, right? Not if you have the Navimow from Segway.

Unless, you’ve been living under a rock, the brand is no longer just dealing with two-wheel mobility solutions. Instead, we have been seeing cool creations such as go-karts, cloud-controlled kick scooters, roller skates, and side-by-sides, to name a few. Thus, the Navimow is another welcome surprise.

Robot lawnmowers are not exactly new, but most of the ones available right now have bothersome limitations. Owners normally need to dig and set up a perimeter, so the machine does not go astray. Next thing you know, it could already be on a neighbor’s lawn or on the street.

Segway, on the other hand, equips the automated tool with multiple sensors. With the Navimow app, users can outline a virtual boundary. It uses Extra Fusion Locating System to tackle sophisticated terrain layouts. Moreover, the system automatically alerts you along with its location to prevent theft.

Using advanced algorithms with the help of its cutting-edge positioning system, it determines the most efficient mowing pattern. This means the Navimow never passes the same area twice. At only 54 dBA, you can even take a nap outside while it works away. Finally, the IPX6 construction makes it easy to clean and withstand sudden showers.

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Images courtesy of Segway