Although its glory days of self-balancing two-wheelers are no more, Segway is still not yet ready to throw in the towel. Instead, it has been developing and releasing various fun mobility platforms over the years. We’ve seen go-karts, roller skates, ATVs, a robot lawnmower, and scooters. In 2022, the company is launching the GT Series of electric scooters.

This announcement may sound underwhelming at first, but you’ll change your mind when you learn more about these bad boys. Segway knows it’s not the sole supplier of zero-emission stand-up scooters. Therefore, the manufacturer chooses to cater to enthusiasts who crave crazy performance from their rides.

Thankfully, the GT1 and GT2 are engineered to deliver exceptional capabilities no other model out there can hope to compete against. Given most sustainable motorized recreational vehicles have their speeds electronically limited to comply with regulations, the GT Series are rebels.

Breaking the rules means owners should not be operating these in the city or on public roads. With top speeds ranging from 37.3 mph to 43.5 mph for the GT1 and GT2 respectively, we understand why. For comparison, these GT Series e-scooters can even give e-bikes a run for their money on the tracks.

Both come with an aircraft-grade aluminum build and are equipped with 11-inch anti-puncture tubeless tires with hydraulic disc brakes. The GT1 boasts a 43.5-mile range, while the GT2 pushes that to 55.9 miles and features a two-wheel-drive capability.

Digital displays, four speed modes, LED lighting, and IPX4 weatherproof construction, allows you to enjoy the GT Series to the fullest. Segway plans to ship out the e-scooters to their owners in August. For the adrenaline junkies out there, reserve your units right now!

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Images courtesy of Segway