There’s nothing like perfectly chilled spirits to unwind with after a long day at work or during get-togethers with friends. Using ice is normally the way to go. But for those who prefer their drink smooth and undiluted, then chilling stones work wonders like those offered from the Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set.

The set uses rock-solid granite for both coasters and stones, which come in pairs, and two glass tumblers. The 4″ square coasters have thick cork liners to contain condensation and fitted with soft bottoms to prevent table scratches. They have perfectly bored holes with deep recesses to fit each 8oz glass tumbler securely in place. This ensures no tips thus no spills while the drink is on the table or while serving spirits as the glasses fit precisely inside the holes.

Moreover, no two coasters are the same as each granite color varies naturally. This allows you to easily identify your drink from the other. Both coasters and granite chilling stones from the Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set keep spirits at the optimal sipping temperature.

Best of all, the handmade set comes at a compact size so it takes minimal space in your freezer and table. Easily store coasters and chilling stones in the freezer so you have them ready to chill your Johnnie Walker or any whiskey, gin, scotch, and other spirits both on the rocks. The Sea Stones Cool Coaster Set is handmade in New Hampshire and made from reclaimed granite and the tumblers from recycled glass.

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Images courtesy of Sea Stones