When you’ve tried pizza for the first time, there’s no going back. The texture, the aroma, and the taste will gnaw at your very being until the end of time. That’s an exaggeration on our part, but we do love it. Hence, if you are a fellow aficionado, might as well make some at home with an oven like the Scorpio.

We all have one or more favorite pizzerias on speed dial just in case the munchies attack. Nevertheless, nothing beats a slice or more of homemade goodness. Unless you prefer to just order your pies all the time, the Scorpio is an innovative godsend for both aspiring and seasoned pizzaiolos out there.

It’s easy to dismiss this as just another so-called game-changing pizza oven. However, its features are noteworthy enough to compete with the likes of the Gozney Dome, Pizzeria Pronto, Ooni Karu, and many more. Let’s start with the characteristics we consider great selling points that may convince folks to grab one.

Pizza Anytime and Anywhere

Firstly, the Scorpio lives up to its claim of portability. It comes with folding legs, folding handles, and detachable parts to make transport a breeze. The oven body weighs a manageable 30 lbs. Next, is the versatility brought about by its dual-fuel system.

Use your favorite wood to give your pizza that smoky authentic Neapolitan quality. If you want quick convenience, use a propane tank instead. What makes this cooking equipment special is the patent-pending Reverse Flow Draft system.

According to the manufacturer, the “design creates lightweight, thermal efficiency by pulling the fire over the pizza, then innovatively recycling that intense heat by pulling it into a secondary chamber, back over the dome.”

This oven is crafted out of 304 stainless steel for exceptional durability. The material boasts excellent resistance against heat, is easy to clean, and will withstand exposure to the elements. A hinged door with a ceramic viewing window covers the front so you can view your pizza cooking inside.

Then there’s the rotating platform within where the 16” x 0.5” pizza stone sits. Attach the motor and drive shaft, plug it into a power bank or directly to a power socket, and switch it on. The cooking surface then rotates to deliver even heating for all sides. Moreover, they claim the Scorpio can fully cook your pizza in a minute or less.

A Complete Pizza Making Package

Finally, they will ship the Scorpio with everything you need out of the box. We have the main oven body, pizza stone, two-part chimney, propane burner, wood burner, the motor with a drive shaft, DC/USB cord with adapter, fire tool, and a pizza peel. As of this writing, its Indiegogo page already shows $67,448 in funding with 26 days left.

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