As most households already embrace smart technology to handle tasks, tech companies push to innovate products intended for use outside. With robot vacuums taking care of cleaning the floors, we’re now seeing similar machines for outside the home. If you want to automate yard maintenance, Yarbo is an all-in-one solution to make that happen.

This bad boy is still in the crowdfunding phase. However, it seems people have a lot of faith in this cool project since it’s already way beyond the initial goal of $50,000. With 39 days to go — as of this writing – 664 backers have amassed a total of $2,261,895.

It goes to show we’re ready to ditch the yardwork and leave it to technology. This is not like robot lawn mowers that are steadily becoming ubiquitous. The manufacturer bills the Yarbo as a modular platform engineered to perform various chores throughout the year.

Instead of purchasing standalone equipment such as a snow blower or leaf blower, it’s as simple as swapping out the attachments. There are three to start off with and more to follow. For now, there’s the S1 (Snow Blower), M1 (Lawn Mower), and B1 (Blower).

The Yarbo uses tank treads instead of wheels to give it superior traction even on inclines. Sensors allow it to navigate and avoid obstacles along its path. 4G LTE connectivity aids in theft prevention via geofencing.

There’s also an optional 3-in-1 tow hitch accessory so the Yarbo can pull a dethatcher, lawn sweeper, lawn roller, dump cart, and more. Powering the machine is a 36-Volt 38.4 Ah lithium-ion battery. Like a robot vacuum, it returns to the supplied charging dock once power is low or when all tasks are complete.

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Images courtesy of Yarbo