The Mighty Machines’ latest collaboration sees it get three-way hitched with Belgian bike maker Sarolea and design house Café Costume. Thus comes this movie prop-worthy electric motorbike, called N60 MM.01 officially. As a bonus, it even comes with a designer helmet, tailored suit, and a blade knife for a complete head-to-toe outfit.

The style package brings enormous flair to the cafe-style N60, which on its own is already tantalizing. It’s builts on the same platform as the Manx7 electric superbike, complete with air-cooled brushless DC motor. That’s 163 ponies, mind you. You’ll get 205 miles out of this bad boy before it needs a full swig of juice again.

The extreme styling only gets better from there. The bike also comes with a carbon fiber monocoque. Topped off, no less, with front and rear suspensions from Ohlins and a carbon fiber swingarm.

As for the suit, it’s custom-made to better complement Sarolea’s advanced engineering. It’s top-notch protection coated in modern touches. If we’re being completely honest, we won’t be surprised if this bike makes it to the fourth John Wick movie. Heck, why stop there. This whole look would probably fit in Wick’s gauzy and neon-dripped bloodsport world.

The helmet comes courtesy of Hedon Helmets, from Milan, who laced it with liberal carbon fiber trims. Studio Blade, meanwhile, threw in a handmade Damascus steel knife. Needless to say the N60 MM.01 teems with copious helpings of eyecandy. It’s practically got everything if you prefer riding in style. Check out the link below for more information.


Photos courtesy of The Mighty Machines