Modular furniture is nothing new thanks to the likes of Ikea and sofa-in-a-box brands including Burrow and Allform. But Sara Hayat brings more fun to the rather strenuous task of putting together a sofa with “The Tetris.” As for what it requires, well its name and appearance themselves are self-explanatory.

There’s a feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally complete a certain task. The same goes when setting up pieces of furniture inside your home. The most important ones are especially the big ones, couches, sofas, beds, and more. The task can be daunting but this Tetris-inspired furniture definitely makes the work worthwhile.

Sara Hayat designed a fully modular couch that people can actually sit on and feel comfortable. The Tetris consists of different pieces of blocks in different shapes that come together to form a sofa. A few of the pieces are even big enough to be used on their own. Hayat designed the sofa with her kids in mind because she wanted them to have something that they can play and build with. Putting the pieces together also inspires your inner creativity. It makes for a fun activity that the family can all enjoy.

The blocks incorporate different textures of velvet, suede, and leather in various colorful hues, meticulously handcrafted and hand-finished with a combination of woodwork and metal. All embroidery and stitching are made by hand so expect to have minor variations. Best of all, The Tetris is unique with each user because no two items are exactly alike.

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Images courtesy of Sara Hayat