In the heart of the Old quarter in Portugal sits a quaint little hotel called the Santa Clara 1728. Cinched inside an 18th century palace, the space has been completely renovated with modern furnishings. Yet one look inside shows you that it still takes great lengths to pay homage to the building’s historical charm.

Each room is so bright during the day it’s as if the sun itself came down and kissed every single one. But the serenity doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find that the entire atmosphere is beset with calm. There are large windows, sections of exposed concrete, pale wood, and soft, neutral tones throughout the whole room that allows you to bask in a headspace of peace and zen.

Outside, views of the Tagus River will greet you in the morning, and all six suites get this exemplary view. That and a terrace overlooking the property’s private garden abundant in lush, vivid greenery.

And if somehow you begin to feel a bit sheltered staying indoors, a rich and diverse cultural experience awaits you upon stepping outside. The Feira da Ladra flea market is just nearby, and so are ancient castles, 17th century monasteries, and a whole slew of shops, museums, and other places of recreation. If that ain’t your thing, you can always just stroll through Lisbon while talking to locals and taking Polaroids of every little thing you see.

At the end of the day, you’ll have the comfort of Santa Clara 1728 to fall back to no matter how tired you get.


Photos courtesy of Silent Living