The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active’s ($850) shatter-resistant screen is just the first of many reasons to seek out the newest Galaxy. The glass is thicker and more shatter-resistant to protect against many a fall from a 5-foot drop or less. With the enlarged bezel, the Active isn’t ‘technically’ a full screen, yet it still provides the same full 5.8″ Quad HD display at a tall 18.5:9 aspect ratio as the Galaxy 8. The fingerprint sensor is around back near the rear camera rather than in the glass.

Tested to military standards, the phone presents a slightly chunky appearance but the style fits its enhanced water, dust, and shatter resistance using the thicker metal frame and shock-resistant bumpers along with a plastic – not glass – back. A larger battery keeps you going longer and the 5ft-of-water-submersion-for-up-to-a-half-hour capability comes in handy when things get wet.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is an AT&T exclusive to the USA and it will be here this week!