Wouldn’t it be great if you had one piece of equipment serving to fulfill multiple roles, without compromising safety and efficiency?

If you are into skiing, the Salomon S/Lab Shift Alpine Ski Binding is something you must be acquainted with. This revolutionary ski binding functions as both an alpine and tech ski binding. Although serving their purpose for the most part, unlike the alpine bindings, the pin bindings do not clamp down or release a ski boot, which significantly reduces their flexibility and safety.

So far, the market has offered a heel piece or an extra elasticity added to the toe section, none of which offer full solutions, until now.

Rigorously researched and tested for 7 years, the S/Lab Shift solution offers a binding that has as much power on the descent as an alpine binding, while being as efficient on touring as a pin binding. All the while having a safe release mechanism, lightweight at just 865g thanks to reinforced carbon, and affordable at only $650. Available starting next fall.

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