If you are a wannabe wine connoisseur and want to try something different for a holiday, you may like the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel. This extravagant and modern accommodation has been built on the site of a 250-acre vineyard deep within the Uruguay region of Maldonado.

On-site, you will find 13 small, but comfortable cabins, farm-to-table-style restaurant and a fully operational winery. Decorated on the exterior with a mirrored front, each of the structures is rectangular and blend in with the landscape easily, to ensure that your main focus is always on that amazing Uruguayan countryside.

As the structures are topped off with roofing, they are even undetectable if you were trying to spot them from the sky.

On the interior of each cabin, there are floors constructed from dark stones and panels of light oak around the walls to provide a rustic and minimalist look. This approach to the decor is to ensure the floor to ceiling windows and their awe-inspiring views are the main focal point.

Every cabin has a private terrace that offers sublime vistas of the beautiful hills in the distance. Work is expected to be finished on this resort by September in 2018, but you can book now. So if you want to enjoy some exclusive Uruguayan wine in a calm and peaceful place, check it out today.


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