The outstanding RV Pegaso luxury yacht is fitted with everything a team of 12 marine researchers could ever need: irreproachable living conditions, and high-tech equipment for exploring the seas. That also includes a private 14-ton research vehicle (RV), more specifically a submarine.

RV Pegaso Superyacht RV Pegaso Luxury Yacht RV Pegaso Yacht Helicopter Deck

The RV can hold up to five people at a time, and it even allows them to leave its chambers to dive into the water and explore things up-close. This is actually the world’s privately owned submarine that permits such freedom to its passengers. While the state-of-the-art RV is truly remarkable indeed, it is not the only outstanding feature of the yacht.

The 240-foot RV Pegaso boasts an onboard research facility, a cinema, an 8-person spa pool, a plush spa area, an observation lounge, designer interiors, and luxurious staterooms with en-suite bathrooms for everyone. Not at all a bad way to explore the oceans and learn about marine life.

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