Two young bike builders named Mattia and Roberto dream of establishing Rustom as a great workshop, and judging by the look of their latest creation – the ‘Triumph Forty’ – it seems they have all the right ingredients to succeed.

After spending 300 hours shaping and forming this build in a garage based just outside Milan, the Italian fellas have delivered a truly stunning custom bike with fine art deco details that make it stand out of the crowd. It’s based on one of our favorite motorcycles, a Triumph Bonneville from 2002, powered by a 790 cc engine, which has had its performance enhanced via a bigger intake, exhaust engine ducts, a lower engine head and higher compression ratios. The bike also features a custom built rear swingarm & a pair of 18 inch aluminum wheels, while the front sports telescopic covers and two protective metal bars on the headlight that convey an alien-like, original look.

In addition, the ‘Triumph Forty’ was fitted with a custom-made handlebar, modern OLED lights, and an integrated navigation system (the first we’ve seen so far on a custom bike) with touch controls & Bluetooth connectivity with the helmet. The build is tastefully finished in black and textured gray, with blood-red accents on the bespoke seat and handgrips. Ecceptionale!

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 4

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 2

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 3

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 7

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 13

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 11

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 5

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 12

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 9

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 10

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 8

Rustom ‘Triumph Forty’ 9 (2)