The ‘Rumour Monger’ by Australian bike customizer MeanMachines, is one of the most unusual Triumph Bonneville we’ve ever seen. It’s also one of the best executed, with a flawless stance and sweet details that make this bike easy to stare at.

Built (uncommonly) around a tank and seat that have been lying around the shop for a while, the 2-wheeler is based on a 2010 Bonnie. It sports a cool springer front-end setup, custom-bent bars, a faux mechanical brake setup, a 21″ wheel up front, and a 19″ rear- giving the bike a board tracker vibe. The Aussie fellas also added a radical burly stainless steel exhaust that spirals around the engine, plus custom shocks from Ikon, a Vespa headlight (mounted to the left) with built-in speedo, a keyless ignition hidden under the seat, and other delicious touches like the milled mini-switches & vintage levers. A beautiful brown leather seat pad, and a retro paint scheme with subtle stripes on the tank, complement the lean & mean build to perfection.

‘Rumour Monger’ by MeanMachines 1

‘Rumour Monger’ by MeanMachines 2

‘Rumour Monger’ by MeanMachines 9

‘Rumour Monger’ by MeanMachines 4

‘Rumour Monger’ by MeanMachines 8

‘Rumour Monger’ by MeanMachines 7

‘Rumour Monger’ by MeanMachines 6

‘Rumour Monger’ by MeanMachines 5