Japanese culture is undeniably popular across the globe. We can see its subtle and sometimes blatant influences in pop culture as people embrace almost everything from the country. However, almost everyone agrees that the Samurai are the most iconic historical figures from the Far East. It’s obvious that their code of honor and warrior spirit influenced the Ronin 47 Buell 1125. It belongs to a collection of custom motorbikes from a Denver, Colorado-based builder.

Ronin Motorworks used the American-made Buell 1125 as the starting platform for its Ronin 47 lineup of custom bikes. According to the company, it got the idea from a well-known Japanese legend that illustrated the exploits of a group of 47 mercenaries. Just as the name implies, only 47 of these one-off designs will be offered. Almost all of them are already in the waiting hands of their owners save for two.

Starting off with a Buell 1125 motorbike, Ronin Motorworks removed all of the plastic to expose as much metal as possible. Another noticeable rework involves the relocation of the water-cooled radiator. It replaces the original area where the headlight should be.

The stock muffler was also swapped out for a unique underslung design that stops just below the engine assembly. This one, in particular, is bike number 45 and bears the name Kimura Sadayuki—a member of the legendary warrior group. Its unique shape and matte titanium and black finish make it a drool-worthy two-wheeler to add to your collection. The custom Ronin 47 Buell 1125 is still available for $38,000.

Become the warrior

Photos courtesy of Ronin Motorworks