Danish Sika-Design is dedicated to making quality, comfortable, and sustainable home furnishings. Since 1950 they have created commercial grade wicker and rattan furniture for both businesses and cruise ships. Their wood products, especially their many styles of chair, use recycled and reclaimed woods for the environmental impact and the uniqueness it gives to each item.

Their new Roger Stool ($179), a blocky circular-seated, three-legged design, is handmade from the robust tropical hardwood Suar. The Suar tree is not an endangered species and the tight, interlocking grain makes this wood an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use as this minimizes the chance of the wood cracking or splitting with changes in temperature or humidity. Being made of a wood with striking grains, every stool has a distinctly unique design, with a seat that is 16″ in diameter and standing 20″ tall; perfect for sitting or using as a side table.