A few weeks from now, spring finally arrives and folks eager for outdoor escapades will show up in droves. There’s plenty of fun to be had when the snow melts such as cycling, camping, hiking, or just driving around in an RV. Rocket Camper shares more about its new Mountain van and the cool features that come with it.

If you’ve always shopped for your recreational needs in the United States, then there’s a lot to miss out on. So far, we’ve seen awesome announcements from groups based in Europe. The team behind the Mountain operates out of Stuttgart, Germany and offers a wide range of products specifically for adventure-seekers.

If importing one is not an issue, then you’re in for great times with friends or family. The donor vehicle for this model is a MAN TGE 3.180. According to the product page, the output is at 177 horsepower and 302 lb-ft of torque. The van is equipped with a robust all-wheel-drive setup ideal for roads, trails, and other difficult terrain.

Do keep in mind that this is no overlanding monster, but it does come close. Rocket Camper outfits the Mountain with everything the client needs for their trips to remote areas. The standard configuration comes with two swiveling seats, a tilt-up bed, an L-shaped kitchenette, a fold-out toilet, and plenty of storage.

“The Rocket Mountain is a manufactured product. The materials used are of high quality and handcrafted. The construction of the interior is well thought out and tested over years of personal use. The materials used are particularly robust and function is paramount. The balance of the concept is reflected in the unusual design,” writes the company.

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Images courtesy of Rocket Camper