For tourists, what usually draws them to visit resorts are the unique attractions or experiences. Thus, operators regularly revamp their amenities or occasionally introduce something new. In a bid to draw more visitors to Kapolcs in the rural parts of Hungary, Hello Wood presents the Rock Cabins. Situated in a grove, it offers a unique escape for city dwellers.

The architectural firm takes into account the geography of the area. The countryside provides sweeping views of nature to promote relaxation. Taking advantage of the formless characteristic of the land, They’ve built six polyhedral structures that resemble giant boulders from afar. A closer inspection, however, reveals the Rock Cabins are wooden instead of stone.

Rather than using concrete, the studio is opting for dark gray timber panels for the exterior surfaces. The contrasting patterns from the cladding resemble cut and polished sedimentary rocks. Hello Wood also counts on TreeHouses to help draft the blueprints. These stand on Csóromfölde, which was previously a farmstead.

You get 25 square meters of space inside each of the Rock Cabins. Instead of an avant-garde interior layout to match the geometric form factor, it’s surprisingly contemporary. Paths lead to a cutout which forms a portico over the door. Within, there’s a living room, a kitchen, a dining table, a wardrobe, a bed, a sauna, and a double-shower bathroom.

Sliding floor-to-ceiling glass windows make the volume feel open as natural lighting filters through by day. The Rock Cabins also have spacious covered terraces with two seats and a coffee table. Here you can just sit back, sip your beverage, and admire the serene landscape. A hot tub occupies a corner with direct access to the shower and infrared sauna. 

Images courtesy of Hello Wood