Having a wood-burning oven is great, waiting 6 hours for it to warm up, umm… not so great. That’s where the Roccbox Oven ($490) comes in, promising to reach 500º C in just 15 minutes, so you can cook delicious food in no time.

This compact & lightweight (44 lbs) piece of cooking equipment is designed to be easily carried & used outdoors, and works with both gas & wood. It’s constructed of multiple layers of stainless steel and features 3 folding legs, a dense heat-proof insulation, a cordierite stone floor, and an exterior silicone jacket for safety. It can cook pretty much anything a barbecue cooks (steaks, fish, etc.), but this guy truly shines at making perfect pizzas, and it does so in just 90 seconds (see the 2nd video below).

Available starting June 2016, in gray or green, the Roccbox oven includes a built-in thermometer, gas burner attachment with a hose, wood burner attachment, a commercial grade pizza peel, and a carry strap.

Roccbox Oven 3

Roccbox Oven 9

Roccbox Oven 1

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Roccbox Oven 2