The Transformers remains a stalwart franchise throughout the years and those behind it know exactly how to make hardcore fans happy. Aside from the live-action movies, cartoons, and video games, the toy line enjoys a regular refresh. The latest merchandise to drop is another collaboration with Robosen Robotics. Check out the auto-converting Grimlock!

LEGO recently ignited interest among collectors when it unveiled a buildable and transformable 1,508-piece Optimus Prime under its Creator Expert series. Despite the hours of fun it brings to the table, the Danish company’s product pales in comparison to what Robosen Robotics offers.

If you closely follow the Transformers lore, it’s clear Grimlock has a major following among the Autobots. Therefore, it was just a matter of time before he got a cutting-edge toy of his own. In dinosaur form, it stands 15.4 inches tall and drops to 15 inches when in robot mode.

The package also includes an Energon sword, a Galaxial rocket launcher, and a crown. In addition to its accessories, every Grimlock sold comes with a gold-painted collector’s coin that shows the serial number. Its standalone transformation process is made possible by 34 powerful servo motors.

Robosen Robotics uses a six-axis IMU and 85 SoCs to ensure Grimlock does not topple over during operation. Owners can interact with it via voice commands or a remote app control system. Authentic G1 audio lines likewise make it even more immersive. Powering it is a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery.

You need to see this bad boy in action to really appreciate the details. Preorders of the Grimlock are already underway for a special introductory price. Meanwhile, deliveries are expected to begin late in 2023. Don’t miss out on this awesome Transformers tie-in!

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Images courtesy of Robosen Robotics