Thanks to smart home technology, we now have multiple ways to keep our residences safe from break-ins. Moreover, advanced sensors can now detect air quality, motion, and so much more. These types of gadgets are designed to give users peace of mind the moment they step out of their homes. One of the manufacturers that provide these convenient solutions is Amazon. Among the collection of hardware they were showing off last week, the Ring Always Home Cam is perhaps the most innovative.

Earlier we introduced the 2020 Echo Show 10 smart display. Thanks to its motorized base it can double as a security camera that provides a 360-degree view of the room. However, the static base means you will need other cameras to augment its coverage. This is where the Ring Always Home Cam shines as an air-borne and mobile unit that moves around the house. Now, owners can check more sections with just one device.

According to Ring founder Jamie Siminoff: “We knew we had to invent a completely new type of device that was able to move freely throughout the home to give more viewpoint flexibility. To do this, we needed to bring together best-in-class hardware and software technologies to create something no one else had done before and build on a foundation of privacy while moving safely throughout the home.”

Our only gripe with the Ring Always Home Cam is the lack of a manual control option. Instead, you need to set a flight path for the drone will follow. On the other hand, this ensures it does not bump into anything. Additionally, its pace is just right and gives us enough time to spot if something is amiss.

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Images courtesy of Ring