RIMOWA is known for its grooved aluminum suitcases which have become a symbol of luxury for decades. But this time around, the German label is bringing nostalgia back with the textured shell and 1960s-inspired details of its new Hammerschlag Collection.

First up in the collection is the Hammerschlag Cabin, a 31L carry-on ideal for three to four days of travel. It boasts a cognac leather-accented nylon twill interior. It features a dual organization design with a leather zipped compartment on its divider as well as vintage hooks and compression straps. Meanwhile, the bespoke leather grab handles on the top and side pay homage to the original 1966 Hand-Carry Case.

Other features include a telescopic handle with height adjustments, an ergonomic grip, and added leather insert underneath for an effortless and comfortable carry. Then there’s RIMOWA’s proprietary Multiwheel System for stable steering and enhanced mobility and TSA-approved locks to secure your items.

Next up in the RIMOWA Hammerschlag Collection is the Hand-Carry Case, which also comes with the same textured and polished aluminum shell found on the Cabin. It has a single leather handle and offers 18L of storage space ideal for two to three days of travel inside its matching bespoke luxurious dual-organization interior.  

Both the Cabin and the Hand-Carry Case in the RIMOWA Hammerschlag Collection are limited items with the Cabin released in 1898 numbered pieces to honor the year RIMOWA was founded in Cologne. The numbering is also stamped on the added leather tag. Meanwhile, the Hand-Carry Case is released in 966 numbered pieces to celebrate the year that the archival Hand-Carry Case debuted.  

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Images courtesy of RIMOWA