With the travel industry gradually recovering from the devastating downturn a few years back, people are now booking tours like there’s no tomorrow. Both international and domestic flights are finally picking up steam. Hence RIMOWA is unveiling a limited-edition version of the Cabin. This is the Aurora Borealis colorway which boasts a mesmerizing design.

The Cabin is also available in Silver, Titanium, Quartz Pink, and Black. It measures 21.7” x 15.8” x 9.1” (H x W x D) and tips the scales at around 9.5 lbs. when empty. This stylish luggage offers 9.5 gallons of space for your stuff and more. The Aurora Borealis variant flaunts a vibrant image of the polar lights and is sure to draw attention wherever you go.

RIMOWA sets the vibrant artwork against a black backdrop to really bring out its color. Moreover, there are trims in bright hues to contrast the dark colorway of its hardware. For superior protection, the exterior shell is crafted out of aluminum. Instead of polycarbonate, the outstanding strength-to-weight ratio of the metal makes it an ideal choice.

Next up is the interior and its Flex Divider system. This allows users to organize their belongings so there’s little to no shifting during transit. Cotton fabric lines the interior surfaces and dividers of the Cabin Aurora Borealis edition, while all its zippers are heavy-duty YKK metal for superior performance.

The Cabin Aurora Borealis edition features polycarbonate Multiwheels for effortless steering. The axles even have cushioning systems to minimize vibrations during movement. RIMOWA then gives it a telescopic handle and TSA-approved locks for smooth airline baggage checks. Only 1,000 examples will be available so order yours now!

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Images courtesy of RIMOWA