You would think that with all the advanced imaging technologies packed inside a flagship smartphone, regular cameras would become obsolete. However, the market for traditional shooters is as healthy as ever and should stay this way for years to come. Ricoh is one of many established brands still supplying point-and-shoot models and its GR III Diary Edition is an excellent choice for shutterbugs.

Some of you might recall the initial release back in January, which was globally limited to 2,000 examples. This was a special package that shipped with a ring cap, metallic hot shoe cover, sailcloth case, and leather hand strap exclusive add-ons. You can already guess all units sold out pretty quickly at the time,

Nevertheless, it’s about to hit store shelves once more albeit with a caveat. Not to worry because the standalone GR III Diary Edition will still perform as impressively as its bundled counterpart. Even if you are missing out on the freebies, there are excellent third-party alternatives out there.

According to Ricoh, this version exactly matches the standard model except for the colorway. Instead of black, it sports a warm gray body with a dark brown leather-textured grip. The GR III Diary Edition flaunts a snazzy metallic contrast with the natural silver ring cap. Meanwhile, its hot shoe cover is black plastic.

The GR III Diary Edition is packing a 28 mm F2.8 lens and a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor with 3-axis image stabilization. Phase detection and autofocus are likewise on board. Users will also find the Negative Film mode under the Image Control settings. Ricoh adds a unique power-off screen to denote its special status.

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Images courtesy of Ricoh