Sometimes watchmakers look back to past models to draw inspiration for something entirely new. Yet, there could be instances wherein the previous designs have such an impact, that it would be a shame to mess with the formula. Instead, you have nostalgic rework done to upgrade everything the original stood for but keep its essence alive. A brand did just that with the Richard Mille RM 12-01 Americas Boutiques Edition that comes in four different versions. Additionally, each one ultimately gets just 18 pieces. With a starting price of $828,000, exclusivity does come at a high price.

Talking about its exclusive nature, each timepiece will only be available in Richard Mille boutiques across the Americas. Variations are as follows: Black Carbon TPT, white Quartz TPT, red Quartz TPT, and Gold Carbon TPT. This composite material is remarkably robust and is used in racing, aeronautics, and more. Moreover, the damascene finish adds another layer of style to the finished product.

You can admire the beautiful skeletonized automatic movement of the Richard Mille 12-01 Tourbillon that boasts a 70-hour power reserve. Since you’re going to pay top dollar for this limited edition timekeeper, its comforting to know that its grade-5 three-dimensional titanium bridges are can help it withstand over 5,000 G’s of force. To further suggest its sporty pedigree, the wristwatch is paired with rubber straps with a titanium clasp. This should be a good reason for collectors to visit the Americas to shop for the next item to add to their pricey catalog.

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Photos courtesy of Richard Mille