With a fleet of perhaps what might be the most badass vehicles available to those with deep pockets, Rezvani is eager to drop jaws once more. For 2022, they’re taking their signature formula and applying it to a fresh silhouette. Dubbed the Vengeance, this SUV is the perfect platform for people who desire ultimate protection.

Since Rezvani offers a wide range of customization options, we’ll showcase what the top-of-the-line configuration brings to the table. Starting with the powertrain, the Vengeance is packing a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that outputs 682 horsepower and 653 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired with a 10-speed automatic gearbox with an electric range selector.

Depending on the interior layout, your behemoth can seat up to seven or eight people. Just like the company’s previous outings, the exterior flaunts a bold geometric body that does not compromise aerodynamics. There’s a hint of futuristic design elements, which gives it a menacing stance. The Military package delivers the best-in-class features for personal safety.

Rezvani outfits the Vengeance with bulletproof armor and glass. Even the undercarriage is reinforced to withstand explosives. Military-grade run-flat tires further benefit from the wheel band technology to keep them in place. Magnetic deadbolts on all doors and electrified handles ensure nobody attempts to access the cabin.

Buyers can also add the security survival kit which includes first-aid kits, hypothermia kits, and military-grade gas masks. Bulletproof vests and helmets are likewise in the package. The Vengeance can also deploy a smoke screen to shake off pursuers. Moreover, EMP protection keeps your vehicle and its electronics operational. This machine is practically ready for the apocalypse.

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Images courtesy of Rezvani