With the end of the Hummer, there has not been a powerful looking military-inspired SUV to replace its commanding presence – until now. Rezvani Motors out of La Habra, California, have filled the gap with their introduction of the Tank!

The Tank is mounted on a Jeep Wrangler-based chassis with body-on-frame construction and a rugged four-wheel drive system. Besides the normal Jeep suspension, there is a special off-road option of 37″x12.5″ tires, Dynatrac ProRock axles, and Fox 2.5″ remote reservoir shocks to give the Tank six extra inches of ground clearance.

This behemoth has a 6.4 liter Hemi V8 providing 500-hp and 430 lb.ft. of torque. Its muscular no-nonsense body can include such military grade options as bulletproof glass, ballistic armor, FLIR thermal night vision, and Kevlar protection around the floorpan, radiator & fuel tank. It’s no wonder Rezvani considers the Tank to be more of an ‘Extreme Utility Vehicle’ than just an off-road rambler.

Buy From Rezvani $178,000+