Let’s face it, unpredictable weather conditions or the sudden urge for an adventure through unpaved trails can be a bummer for road bikes. As much as we love to carve our own path to freedom, we are forced to accept the limitations set by the traction and grip of our tires.

That’s why we can’t help but breathe a collective sigh of relief when we heard about the ReTyre modular package. This is a brilliant innovation that reduces the need to swap out your wheels whenever the situation requires it. The conventional process requires some effort in order to make the replacement, but this new tech makes it so easy that it’s almost foolproof.

Yes, “almost,” because we have to understand that there are some individuals who strangely still struggle with zippers. The ground-breaking tech that you get with the ReTyre features the easiest form of installation we have seen on bicycles. You start off with the standard tire that already performs adequately on its own. The fun actually starts when the need to change the type of grip required for a certain terrain condition comes up.

We want to call it effortless due to the fact that the different mods (which they call “skins” by the way) are installed via a zipper mechanism. Since it acts like a cover for the primary tire, there is no need to pump air and inflate the mods. Each one takes up very little space and multiple types can be easily swapped out. The simplicity and functionality of ReTyre system make it a very useful product for cyclists everywhere.

Zip it up

Photos courtesy of ReTyre