In the automotive scene bid to help combat climate change, carmakers have committed to switching from internal combustion engines to battery-electric powertrains. Other industries are also coming up with methods to reduce waste and carbon emissions. Meanwhile, developers like Ytech present a thrilling and bold step into sustainability with the Residences at 1428 Brickwell.

This residential high-rise in Miami is integrating cutting-edge technology into its construction. Its engineering and architecture are by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV). The studio takes advantage of the most abundant source of free energy there is.

Since the state receives plenty of sunshine throughout the year, a system to harvest it is integrated into the design. The 70-story building’s façade that faces west boasts 500 windows with photovoltaic capabilities. There’s no word if other sections will also have this.

Overall, we’re looking at approximately 20,000 square feet of special glazing generating up to 170,000 kW annually. The Residences at 1428 Brickwell’s green credentials are certainly impressive and are an attractive feature for potential clients. Its luxurious appointments are likewise a big plus.

Ytech CEO Yamal Yidios says, “while there are many applications of solar-glass technology existing in the world, The Residences at 1428 Brickell will be a first-time application of the tech in a high-rise residential setting, leading the way on this important first step, pushing this sector of the industry forward.”

He estimates that the photovoltaic glass windows can help curb the use of oil and also cut back about 4,700 tons of carbon emissions. Moreover, the location of the tower places it close to trendy dining, shopping, entertainment, and wellness establishments. The Residences at 1428 Brickwell even features a lavish penthouse collection with breathtaking vistas.

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Images courtesy of Ytech