Generally, when carmakers task their high-performance groups to produce vehicles, these machines boast impressive specifications. Moreover, some are even track-ready beasts that are just missing the appropriate livery designating their motorsport capabilities. Still, when the numbers still feel lacking, aftermarket shops will gladly make up for it. To illustrate, we have this outstanding build dubbed the Projekt 3.

The folks behind this restomod are from Renner Projekt which operates out of Miami. What makes this special is the fact that only 18,000 BMW E30 M3 units rolled out of the assembly line. This means the silhouette is iconic among automotive enthusiasts and will make an excellent addition to any collection.

Although diehard fans of the German marque would prefer to have everything in its original state, not every existing BMW E30 M3 out there are in excellent aesthetic and running condition. Thus, Ronald Norat’s team is doing us a great service by turning this into the Projekt 3.

Modern modifications are beneficial because some regions impose strict regulations regarding classic cars. In the case of the Projekt 3, they’re taking it beyond the capabilities of the stock setup. Under the hood now sits a 5.0-liter S85 V10 sourced from a BMW E60 M5.

The mill also receives a tuning packing to boost output to around 625 horsepower from 500 horsepower. Meanwhile, the exterior of the Projekt 3 gets a bespoke makeover. Even the suspension and brake systems welcome race-ready upgrades.

You can also see that the BMW E30 M3 now rides on custom Renner aero-disc rims which add to its sleek appeal. As for the cockpit, the Projekt 3 now boasts a contemporary revamp. Only 10 examples are planned and each will cost you approximately $350,000.

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Images courtesy of Renner Projekt