Whoever keeps saying money can’t buy happiness, probably doesn’t realize how it can open a whole different world of experiences only a few can afford. However, there are still some items – such as the LOUIS XIII N°XIII cognac – that might require a bit of luck as well.

Firstly, renowned French distiller Rémy Martin is only making 200 bottles of the N°XIII. Moreover, these are special bundles that many would kill to have and display along with their collection of expensive spirits. Now, this is where the difficulty ramps up a bit.

You see, the LOUIS XIII N°XIII is only available to members of the LOUIS XIII Society. To become one, you just need to register. If that sounds deceptively simple, it’s because you need to scan an NFC-enabled cork stopper of a LOUIS XIII.

Given the cost of one, we can say that the membership roster is quite limited. After placing your order, a brand ambassador will organize a unique tasting session. Furthermore, It will be in one of the select partner nightclubs. According to insiders, not everyone will get the call.

They are not holding back when it comes to presentation either. To hype it up, sources share some details about what will unfold. At the venue, the LOUIS XIII N°XIII arrives in its signature and exquisite decanter. Accompanying it are six bespoke crystal glasses.

These are in a wonderful shade of crimson which can only be achieved via a proprietary process. The decanter also boasts a palladium neck which is a departure from the traditional gold. It is adorned by engravings of a fleur de Lys, LOUIS XIII de Rémy Martin branding, and N°XIII.

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Images courtesy of Rémy Martin