There used to be a time when only select brands catered to adventurers. The great outdoors can be unforgiving and dangerous when ill-prepared, which is why your gear matters. Nowadays, almost every leading sportswear brand carry stuff designed for these demanding activities. Rebook Japan drops the Zig Kinetica II Edge GORE-TEX in two colorways and both look absolutely wild.

We’re saying that because these pair are barely recognizable in contrast to their running shoe counterparts. This is not a bad thing as Reebook probably wants to offer another striking silhouette. The Zig Kinetica II Edge GORE-TEX are no longer sneakers but rugged hiking boots for a specific market.

Starting with the upper, moisture is no longer a problem thanks to GORE-TEX. This fabric is a choice material when manufacturers demand superior waterproofing and breathability. Now your feet can stay fresh and dry while you navigate your way around all types of terrain.

The higher cut also lets Reebok add an ankle strap. Another pair of lockdown straps are on the heel and gives users a secure fit. Meanwhile, the zipper closure system makes the Zig Kinetica II Edge GORE-TEX easy to remove and slip on just whenever you need to.

Additional straps on the front combine with six cables for even more adjustments. GORE-TEX is slapping its branding on the lateral sides of the uppers. As for Reebok, its vector badge is visible on the ankle strap and midsole toward the heel area.

Finally, top-notch traction comes from the Vibram outsole unit. It may look like it’s removable, but images of the Zig Kinetica II Edge GORE-TEX do not confirm this feature. Anyway, these stylish kicks can be yours in Core Black or Chalk palettes.

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Images courtesy of Reebok