Local studio XISUI Design completed the Red Dunes Playtopia in 2022 as a mesmerizing undulating playground that embraces the natural topography. It’s an amalgamation of design and nature that features sloping red dunes and cavernous spaces, paying homage to mountain nests and jungle treehouses.

The architectural design is built above an underground parking unit in a residential area in Guangdong New Town, Guangzhou, China. The design incorporates concrete rippling hills that encourage exploration and relaxation by providing ample space for children to freely run, jump, climb, and roll while providing sheltered areas below.

 “Through mechanical calculations and modeling analysis, material savings have been achieved in comparison to conventional beam-column structures, with approximately two-thirds reduction in raw material usage for the same span,” XISUI Design said of the construction of the Red Dunes Playtopia. 

The team also utilized advanced design techniques such as parameterized design, drainage optimization simulation, and structural form-finding algorithms to make the playground blend harmoniously with its natural surroundings. “It aims to inspire both children and adults to immerse themselves in the joy of outdoor play and exploration.”

Red Dunes Playtopia also used digital generation to accommodate the structure according to the complexity and slope of the terrain. In the process, providing distinct zones for different age groups. “Children’s activity facilities seamlessly merge with the natural environment, forming a cohesive space.”

Meanwhile, “meticulous calculations and simulations” guaranteed a comprehensive natural drainage system that effectively manages rainwater flow despite the undulating form of the Red Dunes Playtopia. This innovative approach eliminates the need for surface drainage outlets and allows rainwater to naturally disperse into green spaces and designated peak drainage outlets.

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Images courtesy of Hu Yihao, XISUI Design