More than just eye-candy, the Razik Bikes ($4,600+) are said to be “amazingly light, uncannily nimble, and incredibly strong with uncompromising ride characteristics.” Their unusual hand-made frames contain Isotruss lattice – a special blend of weapons grade carbon fiber & carbon nanotube composites – helping provide an overall superior performance.

The company offers two full-carbon fiber models – the Vortex road bike, and the Epitome mountain bike – both featuring a race chassis with an angled latticework which besides yielding better aerodynamics, also improves torque transmission. In addition, the hexa-decagonal shape of the frame section disperses high frequency road vibration, making for a more comfortable ride. The Razik bikes have no rider weight limit, and come with your choice of carbon forks from prominent makers like Contagion Cycling, Fox Racing or Rock Shox. Made in Lindon, Utah, USA. [via]

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