Ask any professional gamer regarding how they stay ahead of the competition. Most will tell you it’s all about practice. We agree that repetitive actions can condition our muscles to react to certain visual cues on the screen. However, we often neglect another element that is absolutely crucial to hone your reaction time. We are talking about the audio effects. These are cues that give players an idea of what’s going on and even warn them of incoming threats. RAZER is an industry expert when it comes to gaming accessories and it just unveiled a new member of its audio lineup—the RAZER Ifrit.

According to RAZER, the new headset is a lightweight audio device for gamers who broadcast their gameplay. Its compact and discreet design will keep the viewer’s attention to the action on screen rather than on the player. You’ve probably noticed that most Twitch or YouTube streamers are often armed with larger-than-life headphones that are admittedly sometimes obnoxious. The Ifrit should be a perfect choice for those who want to keep a low-profile during their broadcast.

Another problem with over-ear headphones is that they tend to get stuffy after long hours of play. RAZER takes its years of experience developing gaming-grade audio devices to create the Ifrit. Therefore, you can expect to hear crystal clear audio of your game and your buddies. The gaming headset also ships with a professional-grade unidirectional condenser mic technology that you normally find on bigger microphones. Console gamers will be happy to learn that the device is also compatible with the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

RAZER Ifrit $99.99

Photos courtesy of RAZER