The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are “designed for living in the moment.” It features modern tech including an ultra-wide 12MP camera and five-mic system so you can capture life’s moments as they happen and livestream to Facebook and Instagram. 

This high-tech eyewear is voice-control ready so you can stay connected with hands-free calls and messages. It also lets you listen to your favorite tracks through discreet, open-ear speakers and control features via voice command using Meta AI, all while keeping it connected to your smartphone via the Meta View app.  

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses is thoughtfully designed for ease of use. The temples house the sliding power on/off switch and a capture button that lets you take high-quality photos and immersive videos, while a simple tap on the right side lets you control audio playback (play/pause or swipe up for volume). A tap and hold launches Spotify Tap for music streaming.  

These glasses also let you share content responsibly with easy-to-access privacy settings and a Capture LED feature that informs bystanders when your capturing or going live. In terms of Wi-Fi connectivity,  for normal use the Meta View app connects to your Wi-Fi network. Meanwhile, importing videos or photos and installing firmware updates links the app directly to the glasses’ temporary Wi-Fi network. 

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are safe to use under light rain because they are IPX4 water resistant. They are also compatible with prescription lenses and available in a range of frames. High performance lenses are available in prescription, sun, polarized or transition and all provide advanced clarity, comfort, and protection.  These glasses come with 32GB of storage space and four hours of use in a single charge and up to 36 hours with its fully-charged case that fits seamlessly in your pocket.

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Images courtesy of Ray-Ban