The triple award-winning DB Journey Ramverk Pro Large Check-in Luggage can handle anything thrown at it. It promises to “revolutionize your journeys” thanks to a host of modern features.

This suitcase is guaranteed to become your travel buddy thanks to its sleek and lightweight design. Its 6063 aluminum frame ensures a superior weight: protection ratio and acts as an “unbreakable backbone” to protect your gear. Meanwhile, a polycarbonate (70% recycled) shell gives it outstanding strength and impact resistance.

This is really great for those who carry expensive gear or breakable items as it guarantees they stay intact no matter the bumps it faces along the way. The Ramverk Pro Large Check-in Luggage can even handle drops of up to 23 feet. 

Moreover, this travel gear comes with Japanese Hinomoto 360 spinner wheels that are ultra silent. So even if you’re running and dragging your luggage along it doesn’t make that annoyingly squeaky noise. The wheels are smooth, ultra-sturdy, and easy to maneuver. Then there are the custom-made telescopic handles. They extend to the same height regardless of how tall or large the suitcase is.

The Ramverk Pro Large Check-in Luggage can hold a week’s worth of items/clothing and offers easy-to-organize split shell compartments inside its polyester-lined (100% recycled) interior. It uses TSA-approved numerical locks to safeguard your essentials. This luggage offers 87 liters of storage space at a weight of 6.894604 with dimensions of 29.3” H x 19.8” W x 11.8” D. Meanwhile, access to the contents is made easy thanks to the aluminum frame which allows the suitcase to be opened even when it’s standing up. 

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Images courtesy of Portmantos