This set of miniature hand tools from Japanese outfit Meta Mate may not be the practical solution for quick indoor and outdoor fixes. They are better off as display but when you’re left with no other choice, you can count on them too since they work just like the real deal.

There are 11 tools made from stainless steel and alloy. The caliper and micrometer are crafted from corrosion-resistant SUS 630 stainless steel while the rest of the tools are made from tear and wear resistant alloy steel. These include the scissors, radio bench, nippers, pliers, water pump pliers, the monkey wrench, machine vise, bow child, and the Shakoman. 

Meta Mate’s Miniature Tools were made via a method called metal injection molding (usually MIM). This requires metal powder and resin binder to be mixed and the mixture injected into a mold. Only the resin content is removed from the molded body in a degreasing furnace before it gets sintered in a furnace.

This is a technique that specializes in extremely fine processing and is used to manufacture detailed parts such as mechanical parts, medical equipment, and electronic equipment. As such, the tools in the collection are extremely well made and realistically reproduced. It features the jagged tips of radio pliers, the 3-stage groove joint of water pump pliers, and the scissors that can actually cut paper.

Although, they may be a little hard to use especially for those with large hands. Each measures approximately 1″ long and weighs 0.08 ounces. If you don’t intend to display them as a set, then you can even use each tool as a lapel pin. Meta Mate’s Miniature Tools can be used in a wide range of occasions and make great gift ideas for craftsmen and collectors alike because of its unique lineup. 

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Images courtesy of Meta Mate