Building homes in elevated locations is generally a challenging task even for seasoned professionals. On the other hand, promontories can offer outstanding vistas if the blueprints are just right. The Raem House is one of the more unique dwellings we’ve stumbled upon recently. Its simple façade against a majestic backdrop allows it to stand out.

This dwelling stands in the rural area of Curacavi, Chile and is the work of PEZO VON ELLRICHSHAUSEN. The firm operates out of the same country as the home in question and is credited with several awesome projects to its name.

The Raem House gives off an odd vibe at a glance, but there’s a reason behind the whimsical aspect of its design. Depending on your viewpoint, the exterior walls form a square. However, from above, the roof reveals an asymmetrical outline.

Furthermore, the layout of its interiors is “a subtle compensation in size and proportion,” according to the architect. The way the structure is framed by mountains of broken boulders, stones, and plants makes it seem out of place.

Nevertheless, you can also think of it as an artistic take on a modern residence. Since the topography shows a gentle slope, PEZO VON ELLRICHSHAUSEN incorporates portals on each side of the Raem House. However, the main entrance shows large rocks which appear to have broken the steps.

The main attraction of the Raem House here is the courtyard, which boasts covered living spaces. Sliding glass doors separate the rooms from the outside. The entirety of the L-shaped volume is accessible via corridors that connect the bedrooms to the dining area, living room, kitchen and more.

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